Wafaq Ul Madaris Annual Date Sheet 2023

Wafaq Ul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan Date Sheet Annual Exams 1442/2023

Wafaq Ul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan Date Sheet Annual Examinations 1442/2023. And the exams in Shaban, the month of May 2023 This Islamic organization conducts examinations in different months for different All the examinations of this organization are very important for the students studying Islam as the degree taken by the Federation of Madrassas or the setup has very good support in the lineup in the academic career. Wafaq UL Madaris or the setup has very good support in the lineup in the academic career.

Wafaq Ul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan Date Sheet Annual Examinations 1442/2023
Wafaq Ul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan Date Sheet Annual Examinations 1442/2023

Wafaq Ul Madaris Result 2023 Date Sheet:

Wafaq UL Madaris Date Sheet 2023, The Federation of WafaqUl Madaris Madrassas administration has announced.  The dates sheet 2023 for the examinations of 1442 Hijri girls and boys. You can check this by visiting the official website of the  Wafaq ULMadaris, Wafaq Ul Madaris date sheet 1442 Hijri www.wafaqulmadaris.org.

Wafaq Ul Madaris Exam Date 2023:

If you want to get a good position in this field then you have to prepare for your exams carefully.  and give up all the time-wasting tasks so that you get good marks. Wafaq UL Madaris Result 2023 Connect students to our website for important educational information, including exam dates and valentines Wafaq UL Madaris Result 1442, The last dates for admissions of 1441 this year are single phase 15 Rabi-ul-Awal to 15 Rabi-al-Thani double fees 16 Rabi-al-Thani dates 23 Rabi-al-Thani triple fees one Jamad-ul-Awaland Wafaq paper Date sheet 2023 First class.

Wafaq Ul Madaris Date Sheet 2023:

The survival and establishment of an Islamic society cannot be imagined without the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. Islamic teachings are the foundation of an Islamic society. Wafaq Ul Madaris Result 2023 by Roll number The Qur’an and Hadith are a collection of Islamic teachings, and the purpose of religious seminaries is to create scholars of Islamic teachings who have a keen eye on the Qur’an and Hadith and those who have an interest in Islamic sciences. Wafaq UL Madaris Admission 2023 In order to further the Muslim society’s connection with Islam, to spread the basic and essential teachings of Islam among the Muslims, to the Islamic civilization.

Wafaq Ul Madaris Books:

Wafaq UL Madaris official website, Therefore, a meeting of scholars for this purpose was held at Jamia Khair-ul-Madaris, Multan 1376 Hajri 22 March 1957 under the chairmanship of Ustad Ulema Hazrat Maulana Khair Muhammad Jalandhari Noor-ul-Haq. In the meeting of the Organizing Committee held on 14 15 Rabi al-Thani 1379 Hajri, according to 18 18 October 1959, he formally founded an organization called the Wafaq Ul Madaris Al Arabia  Pakistan. With the approval of the constitution of the federation, the election of office bearers for three years also took place. Wafaq Ul Madaris Date sheet 2023/1442  And even today, this organization is in the process of spreading Islamic teachings far and wide

Wafaq UL Madaris 1442/2023 Hijri Date sheet 

Wafaq UL Madaris 1442 Hajri/2023  Date sheet 1442 Hajri annual examinations of the Wafaq Ul Madaris of Pakistan are likely to be held in April. Here we have uploaded the date sheet 2023  of the Wafaq UL Madaris for boys and girls.  Among them are books, general memorization, special commentary on the Qur’an, and all the courses being taught in this organization The postponed examinations of the Federation of Madrassas will be held from Saturday, July 7 to Thursday. You can check the date sheet from this site.

Wafaq Ul Madaris Exam 2023:

wafaqulmadaris.org Wafaq UL Madaris Roll number Slip 2023 Maulana Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari, the administrator of this madrassa, has announced that religious madrassas are not closed in the Corona epidemic. Darja Awal 2023  The examination will be held from 6 to 11  Shaban 1442  Thursday To Saturday 2023. Wafaq UL Madaris positions holder 2023 A meeting of the Federation of Arab Madrassas was held at Jamia Ashrafia under the chairmanship of Maulana Qazi Abdul Rashid It was decided to put pressure on the government to take private schools on board and allow the Tablighi Jamaat to resume its social and religious activities.

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