Zainab Alert Recovery and Response 2022

Zainab Alert 2022 Established Under the Act of 2020:

Zainab alert, response, and recovery, the agency established by the ministry of Human rights 2022. A federal law officer told the Sindh High Court for the establishment of the agency under the act of 2020 Zainab alert response and recovery. This is the best step of the federal government for the child protection and kidnapping cases in Pakistan.

The Sindh High Court filed a notification seeking a director of the federal government as a petition for the children to establish the Zainab Alert agency and establishment the laws for the kid’s rape and kidnapping cases. The federal government also said that the secretariat of the agency will be established in Islamabad for the Zara or the Zainab Alert 2022.

Zainab Alert under Act 2020 established
Zainab Alert under Act 2020 established for the child

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The Ministry of Human rights addressed that this agency is established for the protection of the citizen and the children of the citizen. More information you can get from the official website of the Ministry of Human Rights. This is the more fruitful step of the government for the protection of the people of Pakistan.

According to this Act, the missing children rack and trace, the alerts unify and strengthen this system and this system also solves the child abuse cases in Pakistan. This also activates the state machinery at the regional and the district level for effective response in the case of emergency and also to recover the missing children.

This alert mechanism will be available to 2.9 million registered users through the integration with the Pakistan citizen’s portal. This event is attended by the father of Zainab Ansari as a guest honored and launched the application. This application was established by the Ministry of Human Rights for the citizens of Pakistan. There is also the establishment of the national reporting dashboard and public portal to track and trace the emergency cases for the protective cases.

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