Prize Bond Draw List 15000 July 02 2019 Faisalabad Draw #79th Result

Prize Bond Draw List 15000 July 02 2019

Prize Bond Draw List 15000 Bond Result 02/07/2019

Faisalabad (فیصل آباد) Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Draw List 02 July 2019 the National savings of Pakistan is announced Draw Result No. 79th on (Tuesday, July 02, 2019) Online Official Website at The public can free download and see the whole prize bond draw list 15000 bond result FSD region without any tension in this webpage we are uploading the complete computerized draw for the candidates can get him on dated 07/02/2019 15000 prize bond list 2019.

It is a very special bond is coming for the people because its prize is costly and can’t anyone easily purchase so that the government is decided the prizes of the bond is biggest toward the others. Now the saving organization is issued the great 15000 Prize Bond Schedule 2019 for an entire year in which the everything is printed where and when the next draw is announcing it is like a time table sketch is drawn on only one page and everyone is read it carefully and remember the upcoming draw 15000 list dates easily.

In simple words, you can be called him a homework type as that the school teachers are giving to the students when the summer season holidays is started so the people can set the alarm of the day 02.07.19 when the National Savings of Pakistan is published the draw of the 15000 bond result 2/7/2019.

Download Here Rs. %15000 Prize Bond Draw List 2019%

As you know the time is more progress according to the old age because the people are developed and they have changed their lifestyle so that the central directorate of government is build up their individual system and reached to the sky. So the media is carrying out their environment and upgrading equal to the modern age, therefore, the free media is providing the best facilities to the consumers to get their 15000 Prize Bond Result Kohe Noor TV is telecasting live online in their channel for the whole community.

We are briefing the cash prizes of the prize bond 15000 rs is you know that the first prize of Rs. 30,000,000 (30 million Pakistani Rupee) it is the hugest amount of money is give him only one luckiest man and the second prize of Rs. 10,000,000 (Pakistan Rupee 10 Million) are giving to every three persons it is also big money of cash for the relevant people who have purchased him for trying their luck and the third prize of Rs. 18,500 (Rupee Eight Five Thousand) for every 1696 persons who are gaining this money from the National Savings of Pakistan and enjoyed her life.

Faisalabad 15000 Prize Bond Draw List 02 July 2019 Updated

پندرہ ہزارپرائزبانڈ ڈرارزلٹ جومورخہ دو جولائی دوہزاراُنیس بروزمنگل کو آئے گا اُس دن سب لوگ اپنا فیصل آباد کا بانڈ ڈراادھر سے حاصل کرسکتےہیں جو بائس ورلڈ یہاں پر سب سےپہلے اپ لوڈ کر دے گئی۔ جس کا پہلا انعام تین کڑوڑروپے ہوتا ہےاوریہ ایک ہی خوش قسمت کو ملتا ہےاوریہ ایک بہت ہی بڑی رقم ہے جو ایک عام انسان پوری زندگی بھی محنت کرکے حاصل نہیں کرسکتااوردوسرا انعام وہ ہے ایک کڑوڑروپے اوریہ تین خوش نصیبوں کو ملتاہے اورآخری انعام جو ہے اٹھارہ ہزارپانچ سوروپے اوریہ سولہ سوچھیانوۓ بندوں کو دیاجاتاہےجو یہ نیشنل سیونگ آف پاکستان جاری کرتی ہے اورہم یہ جلدہی یہاں پر اپ لوڈ کر دے گئے۔

Day by day people have been much involved the prize bond scheme of the legally govt. is started for the poor people in which our country the National Savings of Pakistan running very well. Now the Rs. 15000 Prize Bond Draw List 02 July 2019 held in Faisalabad Draw Result #79th early when the final list is being announced by the organization is established for the well fair of the humorous humanity therefore a large number of people are buying the prize bond draw list 15000 July 02 2019 for becoming the millionaire.

Prize Bond Draw List 15000 July 02 2019 National Savings

First Prize: 481556

Second Prize: 100299   213499   531897

Full List 15000 Prize Bond List 02 July 2019 Coming Soon!!!

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